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Pele "He Sings, He Scores" Tshirt

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Pele is not only the greatest footballer of all the time but he's also a very talented singer and songwriter. The Brazilian legend considered as one of greatest footballer of all the time, three times world cup winner, winning the world cup in only 17 years old, scores 1000th goals in his career and others amazing stories about him but besides that he also got a huge passion into music. He said he often spending his free time to composing and strumming his guitar when he was a professional footballer at Santos. In 1970 he teamed up with one of his country greatest popular singer, Elis Regina, released a single "Perdao, Nao Tem". Brazilian singer, Jair Rodrigues also released Pele song called "Cidade Grande". In 1977 he's making an album with Sergio Mendes called "Pele" a soundtrack for documentary movie about his life. This was a debut album for him as a singer and songwriter. He also released a song featuring with Grammy winners Rodrigo y Gabriel in 2006. Nevertheless, he is not interested to be a professional singer, he just want to leave something for people to remember. He Sings, He Scores! - Obrigado,Rei!👑⚽️#pele


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